Are my payments secure and protected?

Our website secures your personal information from A to Z with 2048-bit signatures and 256 bits encryption technology. We ensure all security measures are in
place to protect your personal information at all times. 

We have qualified for an SSL Certificate; you can find out more information about our certificate by clicking the lock icon within the search bar above. During the verification of our Certificate, we claimed a set of globally standardized identity verification processes. The certificate proves we as Maxibillion Ltd are the legal owners and managers of and that you can continue your shopping with an ease of mind. 

What payment methods do you accept?

You can use any of the payment methods below to place an order:

* Visa

* VisaMaestro

* MasterCard

* American Express

* PayPal

* Google Pay

* Apple Pay

* Shop Pay

My payment was decline, what should I do?

If your payment was declined we recommend that you check the following:

* Check
that your card’s details (such as the security code, billing address, expiry
date etc.) match what you’ve entered into our system

* Check
whether your card has expired

* Try
using another card or PayPal to make the purchase


If you are still having issues placing an order, we recommend contacting your bank directly as they may have another reason to decline or block the payment. Your
bank won't share this information with us, so we will be unable to tell you why the payment has been declined.

What currencies can I pay in?

We currently only offer payments with GBP. We are looking to expand our currency options in the future!