Maxibillion London Compression Shorts Black


There is a new world idea that dictates that every part of our lives, and every tool needed to operate each part, should be the most advanced there is. We would definitely say that Maxibillion adheres to this ideology. Technology used to refer to anything that required a USB cable or a log-in. That way of thinking is very much in the past. Fitness, eating and even sleeping are now facilitated by apps and the new dinosaurs are men whose face washes and anti-perspirants don’t ‘activate’ themselves in some way or another. That’s technology. And what’s our greatest gadget? Our body. Incidentally, the only one we can’t upgrade (not completely). But, we can use the latest innovations to move better and faster, for longer.

Not only what you put in, but what you put on your body can help you be a better athlete. And if you don’t think that a pair of Olympic-grade leggings or a specialised t-shirt can optimise your training, that’s because you’ve forgotten how much fatigue comes from haphazard muscle movement and over-heating. Beyond mesh panels and lightweight fabrics, Maxibillion has done a wealth of research and development into forward-thinking fabrics and creative constructions that will ultimately lead to more gains and less pain.




It all started when our founder had a particularly intense workout and found, like many of us, that his clothing wasn’t as up for the challenge as he was. And there’s nothing worse than a bad workout buddy, (especially one that’s literally stuck to your person). Research began with how to modify fabrics so that they accounted for the most strenuous activities. Achieving a comfortable movement is essential. As is maintaining a cool body. An increased core temperature puts extra stress on your system, which it will offset by sending more blood to circulate through your skin. The result is an increased heart rate. In short, you’ll feel the effects of exertion quicker and you won’t be able to train for as long as you might have liked. If your sweat isn’t evaporating from your skin due to heavy materials or the general heat of the environment you're in, that will push your temperature even higher. These are not the conditions under which you can push past those fitness goals you’ve set. Besides that, clammy clothes just feel uncomfortable - and today’s chaffing could mean putting off tomorrow’s workout. A lose-lose situation. 


Runners Worldsays that compression tights boost running performance and recovery by squeezing blood away from your legs to your heart. The added pressure also steadies muscles, reducing vibrations on impact so you exert less precious energy, saving this for your actual workout and not the unwelcome side-effects. Also, a firm, confident stride with no wobble just feels better, doesn’t it?



London Coal Black Technical Mesh Compression Shorts 


So, here’s how we’re winning in activewear innovation: Our performance-boosting elements include strategically-placed compression panels to support key muscle groups during activity. Comfortable 4-Way stretch ensures that you’re unrestricted, whether you’re trying out the latest brand of hybrid-yoga or going for your classic 30-minute sprint. We’ve mentioned how sweaty fabric can put a damper on your exercise experience, so our luxury sportswear is quick-drying and has exceptional ventilation. If you’re into outdoor activities, you’ll also benefit from UV protection. 


Activewear Product Composition - Maxibillion

Last but very much not least, it’s the aesthetically-pleasing nature of Maxibillion activewear that allows it to lead the performance pack. It would be disingenuous of us to leave out the fact that our extra-fine technical seams are placed for form as well as function. Graphic patterns distinguish the different areas of our compression tights and of course our signature branded waistband is all the street cred you’ll need on your park run.