Dressing well when you’ve got nowhere to go 

The art of relaxing well is an ancient one. Whether dictated by the sunlit hours in which we work or by cultural phenomenons, we have always had (or at least needed) time at home. In these uncertain times, we now find ourselves forced to be indoors, and even if we’re ‘working from home’, there’s a certain amount of ease that comes with being in our personal space. Despite all of the anxiety that comes with a global pandemic, the time you have outside of the office should be cherished. There is always a more positive way to respond to a problem, and ours is to enjoy our families - and make full use of our Maxibillion loungewear

How the World Relaxes

We haven’t always had such well defined wardrobe and social guidelines between what’s appropriate for daytime or for overnight. This is an advent of the Industrial Revolution, which brought with it ideas of inactivity being indulgent. Almost in response, the Danish brought us hygge, the concept of comfort and coziness, bringing on welcome side effects such as contentment and wellness - at any time of day. And of course, being Scandinavian, there’s an element of simplicity here, not bare bones minimalism but a sense of shedding the unnecessary for only that which achieves your comfort goals. 

Then there’s the Japanese art of lounging, or Goro Goro.This expresses something rolling around or luxuriating lazily. It relates to those precious morning moments between sleep and activity when you are basking in the absence of anything to do. This can happen at any time of day too, and it does. For the Japanese, Goro Goro makes good use of their traditional households, where their sleeping and living areas aren’t fully separate. So naturally, there is also a selection of clothing fit for multiple purposes. Think robes that are good looking enough to receive guests in but comfy enough for a day in front of the TV. 

Lounging Done Right

Maxibillion believe in working hard, playing hard and relaxing equally aggressively, so the above cultural phenomena suit us just fine. Plus, we have the appropriate luxury loungewear to go with our current stay-at-home-cation and any future ‘duvet days’ that will surely come. We’re aware that this is normally when you would pull out your grey sweat pants, a historical piece of clothing that’s been with you since college. Let’s not do that. ‘When you look good, you feel good’ shouldn’t be restricted to cocktail wear. At one time, rest and relaxation were indeed viewed as an extravagance but there’s been more than enough science to prove that recovery time, whether from strenuous training or from work, is absolutely necessary. And anything that is necessary should be handled with care - and the proper clothes.

What to Wear

Maxibillion’s Hugh Comfort Mesh Recovery Shorts are simple, supple and equally perfect for relaxation and sleep. Cooling technology responds to your body temperature, activating and deactivating moisture evaporation depending on whether you’re heating up or feeling chilly. So, you’ll be just fine on the couch under a throw or on your breezy balcony. And with an all-over graphic design in contrasting colours, they’re also nothing to be ashamed of should an unexpected guest stop by. Pair them with matching Connor T-shirts, also crafted in Comfort Mesh for an ultra lightweight feel, the ability of responding to changes in temperature and anti-bacterial and anti-odour technology. Our Max crew neck and Tony V-neck T-shirts offer more subtle and versatile options in solid shades of black and white. Crafted in TENCEL™ Modal Micro Air, they maximise breathability for freshness throughout the day if you wear them as daytime T-shirts or undershirts, or all night, if used as sleepwear. 

Happy home-staying. 


5/13/2022 5:46 PM
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