Rid yourself of uncomfortable underwear and find the best shape and fit for your body.

How to find the perfect underwear fit for you

With nearly every male body a different shape and size from the next, it can be hard to find stylish yet comfortable underwear that will see the busy, modern-day gentleman seamlessly through the day. Whether that’s a day at the office and after work social activities or a trip to the gym to let off some steam, badly fitting men’s underwear is definitely not man’s best friend. Finding a style and shape that suits you will not only feel amazing but will also accentuate your shape, allow your clothes to hang better and have you looking your best. Here’s how to get more from your basics.

The Capri Cut

Classic and minimalist, Capri style briefs bring a snug fit and unmistakeable comfort, if they fit correctly. Ideally suited to stockier men with larger thighs, the brief’s lack of leg will mean that the quads and thigh area are not compressed; which is a key cause of discomfort from ill-fitting underwear, as the fabric is often too tight or can ride up the leg during the day. As well as being a comfortable choice for bigger and sporty guys, the capri has no extra fabric that may show underneath trousers; perfect for those that like a jean with a skinny fit. A traditional basic that has been refined using an anti-roll finish and micro-modal fabric, the Capri style brief will look after the active male, with their tight (but not too tight) fitting support holding everything in place as you conquer an intense workout or head for a PB when chasing those miles. Of course, the modern-day stylish man doesn’t want to resemble a great grandpa (which is what might be suggested at the mention of Y-Fronts), so it helps to look out for style as well as comfort when shopping. The Capri luxury briefs from Maxibillion combine a classic, traditional fit with added comfort and modern-day style, for the perfect brief.

The Geneva Cut

A combination of boxer-short style and closely fitted briefs, the boxer briefs are short-style underwear that sit close to the skin. Now the go-to style for most men, the Geneva cut sits perfectly under jeans, creating a slimmer silhouette both when worn alone and underneath clothes. Boxer briefs are ideal for men that suffer with the dreaded ‘C’ word, whether that’s chafing day to day as a result of an active lifestyle or suffer significantly when exercising as the leg material prevents thighs from rubbing together. What makes this style of men’s underwear so popular is also its sheer versatility. Whilst they are, in fact, ideal for most shapes, the Geneva cut boxer briefs are best suited to men with a larger posterior who can sometimes find that a Capri style cut doesn’t provide enough coverage behind. Using Micromodal fabric, Maxibillion’s range of Geneva style boxer briefs move naturally with the body, supporting all the right areas, defining the body’s natural shape and sitting discreetly under clothes. If you’re a guy that likes tight-fitting underwear but prefers a fuller, more covered style, then boxer-briefs are the style for you.

The Cannes Cut

Sitting higher up the leg than the traditional boxer-brief, the Cannes trunk style underwear is preferred by slimmer, slightly gym-honed men that like a tight and significantly streamlined finish, as they do fit a little flusher to the skin than your average boxer-brief. As well as a slightly more figure-hugging finish, the Cannes cut trunks are also designed to sit a little lower, below the waist, than your average men’s underwear – perfect for those wanting to show off a well-earned toned stomach (or even those that just prefer this kind of positioning). If you do prefer a lower waistband, be sure to choose one that is thick and soft to prevent rolling, ensuring your trunks stay in place throughout the day. Their discreet, tight fit means they’re ideal to wear underneath anything from tailored trousers and chino’s to relaxed but stylish activewear.