An exclusive menswear label launching online in 2018 Maxibillion started as a specialist in men’s underwear and has since grown their range to include loungewear, activewear and swimwear with new collections already on the horizon. A champion of high quality, luxury clothing for the style conscious, modern man. Maxibillion believe in creating pieces using the highest quality material, such as Micromodal Air® and Pima Cotton. The premium range includes individual pairs of underwear designed to be worn for work, leisure activities or workouts.
Maxibillion designs it’s garments in England and the products are manufactured in Turkey.
Micromodal Air® fabric is a soft, sustainable fabric that is lighter than cotton and other alternative materials. It feels like silk to touch but is softer and more breathable. Micromodal Air® is often considered a more premium fabric and is an excellent choice for men’s underwear as it is light and cool against skin.
Compression leggings (and other compressions garments) have a multitude of benefits. They are often worn by gym-goers and professional athletes as they prevent chafing and rashes. Compression garments are known to hold muscles in place, maintaining their form as well as improving blood flow which in return retains your body in an active condition, improves performance and reduces the risk of injury. Our compression leggings act as a second skin as they are made with technical knit mesh fabrics, which stay true to shape as they blend with the movement of the body.
Breathable underwear allows for more airflow and prevents moisture. Maxibillion underwear is manufactured using Micromodal air® fabric which creates less heat and as a result, less sweat. Breathable underwear is great for travelling and an ideal everyday-option. Whereas compression leggings are the perfect choice for exercising.
We recommend picking your underwear depending on where you will use it. Will it be everyday, for formal occasions or for training? We have different styles for each of these occasions, and they all differ based on offered functionalities. Compressions are designed for training. Boxer briefs, briefs and trunks were designed for everyday use. Although trunks are suggested for formalwear as they comprise a thinner elastic that's hidden underneath the fabric and therefor would be almost invisible under suits. Once its been decided in which occasion the underwear will be worn, than it all comes down to style.
As our underwear (and loungewear) have been designed and created using natural, organic materials, we would not recommend drying our underwear in a tumble dryer. You may risk shrinking your garments thus ruining their shape. To avoid this, we would suggest letting your Maxibillion underwear dry naturally.