Compositions, knits and weaves for every occasion


It’s 7am, which is a very respectable time of day to wake, only you’ve been awake and en route to a meeting for two hours already. You may believe that you deserve a pat on the back for these efforts, but an early flight and an undesirable airport breakfast will receive no sympathy or applause here. The perks of success, like travel and a decent disposable income (that affords you Maxibillion loungewear), will surely come with a taxing schedule. And you would feel fresher and more enthusiastic if you had the appropriate garments for your needs.   

For a long time we believed that we could conquer the world in all its facets (meetings, travel, training), with the same blend of cotton and elastane on our bodies. Not so. Brace yourselves, for your life is about to change for the better once you consider the fit-for-purpose fabrics that make the longest day feel like a first class voyage. 


How to Choose a Fabric

If you’re at all familiar with Maxibillion, you’ll know that our underwear, athleisure and loungewear is crafted to distinct specifications. We useintelligent textilesthat go far beyond aesthetics. The freedom of movement and moisture-wicking abilities needed for exercise are very different from the soft and sumptuous weaves desired for a day off. Like we always say, ‘If you wear the same underwear for a run as you do for a gala dinner, you need an upgrade.’ 



Our performance-enhancing compression wear is made from Olympic-grade Technical Mesh. We call this Olympic-gradebecause its technologically-advanced construction is no different to that which a professional athlete would expect. 4-Way Stretch prevents movement restriction in any direction and compression panels support key muscle groups reducing fatigue and speeding up recovery. It boasts exceptional ventilation and quick-drying capabilities that you won’t find on just any workout wear. Inappropriate clothing should never determine your rest days (or who wins or loses) - that should be completely up to you. Note: Never blame your tools, get better ones. 


COMFORT MESH® for Rest & Recovery

Comfort Mesh fabricis crafted for a lightweight feel, which is absolutely what you want when you shrug off your work clothes to enjoy some off-duty relaxation. These smart fibres respond to your body temperature, detecting spikes and cooling as required. This ensures that while you’re reclining on your couch, you’re receiving optimal ventilationthat increases air circulationand localised blood flow. The result isrejuvenatemuscles. Exactly what you need after leg day at the gym, or even after a particularly stressful day at the office. Its anti-bacterialandanti-odour technologies are also great for long haul travel. You may arrive at your destination frustrated, but you’ll certainly be fresh.


MODAL MICRO AIR for Everyday Wear

Your favourite T-shirt is no match for our breathable, non-allergenicversions in Modal Micro Air. Beechwood fibres make it three times softer than standard cotton, for a great feel against the skin and a luxurious look that won’t be out of place beneath a tailored blazer. A hint of stretch makes it equally good for travel, sleep or for use as an undershirt, as does its anti-pilling construction, which increases its lifespan - even if you’re wearing it regularly. This is definitely your best bet for a casual, everyday fabric. Unlike the stiff cottons you may be used to, it will ensure you stay fresh even when rushing between appointments. Welcome to the true meaning of remaining cool under pressure.